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Multiple flying saucers ‘seen over Roswell’ BEFORE infamous ‘UFO crash’ – claim to MUFON | Weird | news

In the detailed report, the engineer – who has not been named – claimed to have carried out the interview in 1970, 23 years after the legendary event.

He said the welder, who was based at the Roswell USAF base, revealed how he was told to load a cutting torch for a trip to the desert when they arrived at the crash site.

The engineer said in the report: “He described the craft as being about 25/26 feet in diameter with a large dome on top.

He said after cutting a hole in the top, he saw two beings who appeared to be dead. He said the cockpit had a strong smell of ammonia.

The report read: “He finished his cut and set the metal piece aside and looked into the cockpit for a few seconds before he was ordered off the craft.

“He said it was difficult to see very far into the craft because of the glare from the portable lights and the cockpit was full of smoke from the cutting torch.

“He said he saw two beings who appeared to be dead.

“He described the two beings as being about 4feet tall, but they were doubled up so it was hard to say.

“He described their heads as what we now refer to as grays. He said there were no visible instruments that he could see.”

The welder allegedly revealed he was warned to keep silent after returning to base.

The retired engineer said he promised the welder not to relay his story until after his death, which happened in the late 1980s.

It is not clear from his report why he waited until now to report it to US-based MUFON, which is the world’s biggest organization dedicated to UFO and alien investigation.

The retired engineer added: “During the interview I never sensed anything odd about his presentation or with his mannerisms.

“I think he was telling the truth.”

MUFON is investigating the claims, but the organization has previously admitted it is sometimes sent completely fictitious and bogus material.

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