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NMSU video competition shares “Las Cruces Stories”

Las Cruces, New Mexico (KTSM) — The Las Cruces International Film Festival and Visit Las Cruces are inviting the public to share their “Las Cruces Stories” in a video competition to promote tourism. The winning videos will have a place at the Las Cruces International Film Festival, airing before each film that screens during the event next spring.

Courtesy of the New Mexico State University Newsroom

Participants may create a three to five-minute video, highlighting stories about Las Cruces that make it a great place for tourists to visit. The window to submit videos via FilmFreeway opens November 15. Details and submission guidelines are available online at https://lascrucesfilmfest.com/visitlcstories/ or may be requested via email at [email protected].

Winning entries will earn $1,000 for first place, $500 for second place and $250 for third place along with VIP tickets for the 2023 film festival in addition to showing them at the start of each film screened during the Las Cruces International Film Festival.

Ross Marks, executive director of the festival and a professor at New Mexico State University’s Creative Media Institute says, “This contest is designed to engage the community with the wonderful city that is Las Cruces.” Adding, “Las Cruces is a vibrant, supportive, enriching community with so many facets and stories. This contest allows filmmakers to tell those Las Cruces stories and showcase the city. As the premiere film event in town, I am proud of the Las Cruces International Film Festival together with Visit Las Cruces can support filmmakers and the city at the same time.”

New Mexico State University says the Las Cruces International Film Festival is an annual showcase for feature films, short films, animation, celebrities, workshops and more. The event went back in person this spring, attracting more than 10,000 people – the biggest crowd the film festival has ever seen.

Rochelle Miller-Hernandez, Visit Las Cruces Director says, “Las Cruces is much more than a place. It is a destination full of friendly people, bold flavors, a thriving art scene and rugged outdoor adventure, while staying true to its rich history and culture. The ‘Las Cruces Stories’ contest is meant to capture the spirit of our city and what makes it a place you want to experience. We can’t wait to see what these talented filmmakers create.”

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