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One Santa Fe Elevates Arts Scene in DTLA’s Developing Arts District by Calling on Valence Projects and LA Hope Dealer

“Los Angeles’ Arts District community is rapidly growing and evolving, and in the heart of it all is One Santa Fe. The mixed-use development is positioning itself as a central hub for the arts community, thanks to the efforts of local arts agencies like Valence Projects and street artist LA Hope Dealer.

Recently, One Santa Fe hosted a two-day event that brought together some of the top muralists and contemporary artists in Los Angeles. On day one, a group exhibition curated by Josiah David Jones, entitled “Communal Individual,” showcased the work of local artists like Rod Benson, Amy Smith, Kala Carela and Brandon Gastinell to celebrate the importance of empowering artists in their communities. Day two featured the “Murals of Hope” donation drive, which saw the completion of 4 new murals throughout the development by Brittney S. Price, Kar-Part and Stvteoftheheart.

One of the most impactful pieces was by Studio 526 artist, Gary Brown and Corie Mattie, which aimed to raise awareness about resources for the unhoused community and ways for the neighborhood to support them. The mural also highlighted the important work of non-profit art organization “Studio 526”, a part of The People Concern, and their mission to provide resources and art education to underserved communities.

One Santa Fe looks forward to continuing community building activations with Valence Projects and LA Hope Dealer. The development’s commitment to the arts is also reflected in its design, One Santa fe representing reference as “a blank canvas”, with ample space for public art and a focus on creating a lively and engaging environment for residents and visitors alike.

One Santa Fe is making it’s argument as not just a place to live and work but a destination for cultivating the arts. The partnership is a shining example of how art and culture can play a vital role in shaping a community, and it’s an exciting addition to the rapidly growing Arts District in DTLA.”

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