Ledes from the Land of Enchantment

PASTOR – The Presbyterian Outlook

A welcoming community at Four Corners is looking for one PASTOR to provide guidance, vision, and growth to our community. Outdoor enthusiasts will thrive in Farmington, New Mexico for its endless off-road trails, world-class fly fishing, phenomenal mountain biking, numerous lakes and rivers, and scenic hiking trails. Our diverse community is rich in culture and is just a day’s drive from six UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Our financially sound church values ​​Christian education, has a strong music program, and is a community leader in missionary work.

Our goal is to be a growing church, responsive to the needs of our community and our church, and transforming lives through mission, prayer, worship, and fellowship.

We are looking for a leader who offers inspiring and biblically centered sermons, insightful instruction, and strong institutional leadership.

We look forward to the future of our church, our missionary work and our ministry and hope that you are called to work with us for God’s kingdom.

A Master of Divinity and 5 years experience as a solo pastor are preferred. Visit fpcfarmington.org MIF # 05126.AD0. Send questions and PIFs to [email protected]

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