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Philippe Ryan replies to Joanna Albuquerque: “He called me a monkey”

Alverca soccer player Felipe Ryan hit back on Thursday against Joanna Albuquerque, the former Big Brother competitor who accused him of damaging her car. Suppose the Brazilian player likes As he said, record who was present the day before yesterday at the Disco Lust in Rio in Lisbon and was the target of racist abuse and physical violence. “I calmly introduced myself to Ms. Joanna Dalbuquerque for an interview, and she reacted roughly and aggressively, with insulting and racist words. We called myself ‘monkey’ and I was kicked. In my own organs. At that moment I get angry, I suppose I closed the car door and wondered About the cause of the aggression (as she mentioned on her Instagram account) I want to make it clear that I have never tried or committed any type of assault over Mrs. Joanna Dalbuquerque. I made the mistake of holding the car door and for that I came to beg your pardon. At that moment I was totally pissed off, not because of some aggression I suffered, but mostly because of a racist act my colleague and I received. I admit my mistake, I shouldn’t have acted like that, but I went to the authorities because racism is a crime, ”said Philippe Ryan on his Instagram account.


On Instagram, Jonata Bastos, Jefferson Nem and Talison, three other players targeted by the reality show’s former competitor, denied being there at the time of the events and confirmed they are taking legal action against Joana Albuquerque would.

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