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PNM warns customers of phone fraud

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – PNM warns new Mexicans to look out for phone fraud before Christmas. PNM says the scammer pretends to be with the company, claims you are behind on your bill and threatens to turn off the electricity unless payment is made within an hour using a prepaid card or electronic transfer.

According to a PNM press release, they are receiving reports of scammers adding a fake PNM caller ID or 505 prefix to their phone number to get you to reply. They say nearly 1,800 reports of fraud have been reported this year, with 130 reports only being received since last month. According to PNM, scammers typically charge between $ 200 and $ 500 for personal customers and more than $ 1,000 for business customers. 91 percent of customers said they were contacted by fraudsters over the phone and not in person or by email.

According to PNM, there are frequent spikes in fraud reports during the holidays, when more people are at home and rely on electricity to cook holiday meals. They tell customers that scammers can call at unusual times or on weekends or holidays, that you pay by phone, and only take payment using a prepaid card. They claim a technician is out to disconnect the power within an hour and they may know your name and calling from a 505 area code.

If you receive a call from a suspected fraudster, make sure to tell them that you will be contacting PNM directly using the number on your bill and never give bank details on the phone unless you make the call. If the caller requests payment by prepaid card, gift card, or wire transfer, it is a fraud. Immediately report full details of the fraud or attempted fraud to PNM at PNM.com/scams and to the FBI at IC3.gov.

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