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Walmart donates money to the children’s museum project

LAS CRUCES – Ngage New Mexico recently received support from three local Walmart stores – Rinconada, Walton, and Valley – and the Las Cruces Sam’s Club in the form of four Walmart grants, each of which is made to promote the preparation and launch of the “Vamos Ninos ” contribute ! Mobile children’s museum. The Walmart Foundation is committed to making an impact, and key to that commitment is a firm belief that we’re better together, the agency said in a press release.

“¡Vamos Ninos! will empower children with playful learning that enables them to connect with the world around them, creativity and critical thinking, ”said Kimmi Cravens, museum development coordinator at Ngage New Mexico.

Doña Ana County is the second most populous district in New Mexico, covering an area of ​​3,814 square miles along the U.S.-Mexico border. Doña Ana county is also home to 37 Colonia parishes (a rural parish or neighborhood within 150 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border that often lacks adequate infrastructure and other basic services).

With so much of our community living in these underserved areas, it is undeniable that transportation poses a barrier for children and families to access resources that will help them survive and thrive, the press release reads. Vamos Ninos! will travel throughout Doña Ana County providing help and opportunities to families where they are.

The Walmart Foundation has a special interest in creating economic opportunity and empowering local communities. These values ​​are complemented by Walmart’s philanthropic investments, which use their strengths and expertise to collaborate with others and bring about system change.

Similarly, Ngage NM and the SUCCESS partnership use a collective impact approach to create change. Cross-industry partners come together to work towards a common goal and to understand that “education is a shared responsibility”.

We are really better when we work together. If you want to give something away or learn more about ¡Vamos Niños! – Play to learn, contact Kimmi Cravens, [email protected]

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