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Roswell New Mexico season 3 poster and release date for the CW series

Roswell New Mexico fans have not seen any new episodes of the station’s sci-fi series The CW for a little over a year since the season two premiered on screen in mid-March 2020.

Season 3 of the series is slated for release next month on The CW, and this week the new official poster for Roswel, New Mexico, revealing the scheduled premiere date online on July 26th at 8 p.m. ET, was released. .

The poster shows the main characters of the show walking through the New Mexico desert, behind them a DNA double helix structure that glows in the sky and carries the slogan: “Where are you from?” The poster and tagline seem to hint at some of the big revelations during the show’s second season.

Recall that the second edition from Roswell, New Mexico showed that Maria DeLuca (Heather Hemmens) is of extraterrestrial ancestry since her great-grandmother Louise was Hoods).

On top of that, Season 2 also revealed that Nathan Dean Parsons’ character Max is not Louise’s son, which means he’s not really related to Isobel. While Max, Isobel and Michael (Michael Vlamis) discover another alien capsule that contains Mr. Jones, the alien who caused the crash in 1948.

So far, few details are known about the characters for the third season of Roswell, New Mexico. What is known is that fans will learn more about the mysterious Mr. Jones and his strong resemblance to Max.

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