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ROSWELL UFO: ‘Alien gray photo smuggled out by serviceman’ after 1947 flying saucer crash | Weird | news

The report about the alien photograph was made on January 13, 2004, nearly 60 years after the picture was supposedly smuggled out.

On March 3 2008 a further report was received from someone stating: “I have a clear close up picture of a grey.

“It’s from Roswell. Are you interested? I am unable to send it from my computer.”

Again there is no update from MUFON.

Other reports range from classic UFO or mysterious light sightings, alleged alien abductions with missing time, and people seeing UFOs after they claim they “tried to make contact with aliens”.

Three reports have been made this year, five in 2015, and just one in 2014.

One sighting was made on August 3 2015, about an event the previous September.

The unnamed witness said: “I was leaving Farmer’s Market, grocery store on September 29, 2014, at 6.38pm.

“I saw that there was a very beautiful sunset, which made me want to take a few pictures of it.

“I did not notice the objects at that time, until I observed the pictures later that evening.

“That is when I noticed that there were three objects, and also what appeared to look like a larger cloud in the shape of a spaceship.

“The pictures I took show them there and then gone all in the same time.”

Seven reports were made in 2010, making it the business year so far.

On August 14, 2010, one witness reported this: “In the sky almost directly east there was a bright light in the sky.

“Having lived in Roswell most of my life I am quite familiar with various types of air traffic and something about it struck me as odd.

“As I observed it I noticed it began to wobble.

“I watched it as well as I could and shot something blue out of the direction of the object.”

They said it was still visible in the sky east of Roswell as they reported it to MUFON at 11:28pm local time.

They added: “The blue ejection was sort of cone shaped, but looked like a series of circles that got larger towards the bottom… kind of like a snowman for lack of a better description.

“There were about eight to 12 circles. This is a serious statement, Ii is not a joke or anything.”

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