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Suspect Arrested for Shooting a Security Guard at Santa Fe Casino over Fake Cheque

December 26th

According to Metro Police, a suspected Henderson man tried on Thursday, Jan.

Around 2:30 p.m. Michael Kasper walked into the casino on Block 4900 on North Rancho Drive and, according to the arrest report, went straight to the gaming cage and tried to cash a check for $ 1,981.

Due to irregularities in the check, the casino contacted the city’s payroll department, who confirmed they had not sent a check to Kasper. Kasper’s check was not only forged, but also had fuzzy prints.

The casino employee called her manager, who in turn notified security. Kasper tried to escape from Bouman, the first guard to react before other guards came.

“At one point in the fight, Kasper reached into his right trouser pocket with his right hand and took out a firearm; the group of security guards, including Bouman, brought Kasper to the ground and tried to pin him and the firearm to the ground.” According to the arrest report. Kasper shot Bouman twice in the left thigh while on the floor, extracting two bullets from Bouman after he was transported to the UMC Trauma. His injuries were not life threatening after doctors stabilized him.

After the shooting at Santa Fe Station in Las Vegas, police arrested 33-year-old Michael Kasper. Kasper is being held at the Clark County Detention Center for attempted homicide, possession of counterfeit instruments or banknotes, and attempting to steal someone.

He was also sentenced to three previous convictions in 2009 for armed robbery, armed burglary and conspiracy to robbery.

According to the police report, Kasper had a silver and black Springfield Armory EMP 4 9mm pistol. According to the arrest report, Kasper lives in Henderson on Warm Springs Road and Stephanie Street.

Eyewitnesses queuing outside the casino cage and others who witnessed the incident while playing slot machines in the casino reported the events to police.

According to the police, it was a one-off incident that did not pose a threat to the population. Although the police shut down one casino segment during the investigation, the rest continued to operate.

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