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God’s Misfitz gives something back to the congregation at Christmas

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – A local group brought the Christmas cheer to the streets of Albuquerque on Saturday night, serving hot meals to those in need. The ministry “God’s Misfitz” is regularly on duty in the southeast of Albuquerque and supplies the homeless with clothing, hygiene products, dog food and other relief supplies.

They usually hand out packed lunches, but for Christmas they prepare a special feast of posole, beans, tamales, and green chilli chicken enchiladas. The group says that they can use the help of the community at any time, be it by donating time or materials.

“If you want to donate food, if you want to take part in the preparation of our meals. There is [sic] a million ways to get involved in this ministry, ”said Jaqui Boyd, a member of God’s Misfitz. “There is such a great need here in Albuquerque. We’d love to serve more of our friends and do more routes across town. “

God’s Misfitz can be found every second Saturday in Central and Eubank.

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