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The emporium is cutting prices to raise money for the hospice

By Mike Cook

By Mike Cook

Las Cruces bulletin

Talk about a sale!

The Emporium, 106 S. Water St., offers 50 percent off everything in the store and 75 percent off all Christmas items.

The store is closed the week between Christmas and New Years (December 27-31) and will reopen on Wednesday January 5, 2022 to start sales.

Emporium volunteers Heather Pollard and Joanne Achen emphasized that the sale is just that – a sale; the shop doesn’t close. The emporium opened in June 2015 and all proceeds will go to the Mesilla Valley Hospice. Since opening, the store has raised around $ 350,000 for the hospice.

To date, in 2021, “we’ve had an overwhelmingly good year,” said Achen, although the store was closed for the first three months of the year as part of its 14-month break during the pandemic. It helped that the landlord (and former Las Cruces mayor) Ruben Smith didn’t charge the emporium rent while it was closed.

Pollard and Achen said the emporium welcomes three new volunteers: Barbara Camunez, Barbara Delaurier, and Marsha Westfall. About a dozen women from Las Cruces are all volunteers in the business.

All volunteers, as well as the clients they serve, love the Mesilla Valley Hospice, Pollard said. Not only do they love to shop in the store, they also donate the precious possessions of deceased loved ones that make up The Emporium’s ever-changing inventory.

As the store’s website states, “The Emporium relies entirely on donations to maintain an inventory of high quality antiques, collectibles, jewelry, used furniture and a variety of household items.”

Regular customers often come to the Emporium every week to shop and see what’s new.

“This is their happy place,” said Pollard.

The Emporium is open Wednesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Call 575-202-7351. Visit www.emporiumlc.com.

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