Ledes from the Land of Enchantment

The homeless coordination council meets to discuss solutions

The Albuquerque Department of Family and Community Services estimates that about 1,100 people live without shelter each night, and about a third of them are on the streets.

Both the city and county are considering solutions – including new housing and housing projects – but officials admit the ball could move faster.

“What really frustrates our respected elected officials is how long it takes to get these projects off the ground and how we can create a process where we can streamline some of them to get them done quickly,” said Lawrence Rael , CABQ Chief Operations Officer.

Members of the Coordinating Council for the Homeless urge the creation of an intergovernmental group to oversee projects in the subway. You said a unified voice could really help secure funding from state lawmakers.

“I’ve spoken to lawmakers and, for obvious reasons, they really are for it. Said Julie Morgas Baca, manager of Bernalillo County.

One resident even suggested hiring a single project manager. But Albuquerque leaders said that solving homelessness is not that simple.

“There is no solution, there are several factors, and that’s why we always like to talk, it’s about a system. The city has a role, the county has a role, our religious organizations have a role and our non-profit organizations have a role,” said Carol Pierce, Director of Family and Community Services at CABQ.

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