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Ukraine war: RSF Rotary partners with Rotary Club of Poland to provide humanitarian assistance

The Rancho Santa Fe Rotary Club is partnering with the Rotary Club of Poland to provide humanitarian assistance to the increasing refugee crisis developing inside these countries. Rotary clubs in Poland and Ukraine are using their local Rotary network of community volunteers to provide food, housing, medicine, clothing, and other essential services to the millions of mostly women, children and elderly who were forced to flee their homes. As a global service organization, Rotary clubs are uniquely positioned within these communities to provide direct and effective humanitarian assistance where it’s needed most.

Sergiy Korelov, presenting at last week’s RSF Rotary meeting on the urgency of the Ukrainian situation.

(Sophia Alsadek)

“As this devastating war continues, we need to do more as quickly as we can to relieve human suffering,” explains RSF Rotary Club President Dr. Elizabeth Christensen. “Rotary Poland has boots on the ground and established pipelines of distribution at the border and into Ukraine. Together with our Rancho Santa Fe community, our family and friends, we can come alongside Rotary Poland and have a direct and immediate impact.”

RSF Rotary President Elizabeth Christiansen

RSF Rotary President Elizabeth Christiansen talking about how RSF Rotary is directly helping with Ukrainian relief efforts on the ground in partnership with Rotary of Poland.

(Sophia Alsadek)

Christensen added “Many people want to give but they don’t know who they can trust. A tax deductible donation can be made through the RSF Rotary Foundation on our website at rsfrotary.com for immediate distribution in Poland and Ukraine.”

CBS 8 in San Diego interviewed Christensen and Rotary Poland’s District Governor Piotr Jankowski who works as a full-time conduit of service, vetting needs, making sure Ukrainian students have laptops to enroll in school, grab-and-go food at the border for hungry travellers, money for electricity and shelter and many other urgent needs.

To watch the interview and give, go to RSFRotary.com.

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