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US House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy visits New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) — US House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was in Albuquerque on Monday, showing his support for Congresswoman Yvette Herrell. “I’m thankful that Congresswoman Yvette Herrell invited me here to go to the charter school to see what does it take to change New Mexico’s education system,” McCarthy said.

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy joined Herrell for a roundtable conversation about education at a south valley charter school. “One thing we are going to do, in the commitment to America, we provide a Parents Bill of Rights. The parents can have a say in a kids education, knowing what’s happening at school from a safety perspective, but also what’s being taught there,” McCarthy said.

KRQE News 13 asked the republican from California about what he thinks is occurring in border states. “It shouldn’t be up to states. It’s a federal issue. We should be able to have a secure border. We should have an immigration system that works for all Americans. But a real challenge is happening. You’re watching people come who are on the terrorist watch list. Why are they coming to America? What do they have planned? We’re watching fentanyl.”

He says he’ll fight to protect the oil and gas industry, which will help address the most pressing issue facing families–inflation. “We watched them attack the oil and gas community to make the price of oil and gas higher, and in New Mexico that really harms the jobs,” McCarthy said. “Where we promise to become energy dependent to lower gasoline price, which will actually help lower inflation.”

News 13 asked him about congress’s low 17% approval rating, with Americans seeing them as ineffective and out of touch. “What’s really frustrating in Washington is the things the politicians are focused on, are not the things people care most about.”

With the visceral tension between republicans and democrats, News 13 asked how likely republicans will get all of this done. “I know we can, given the opportunity, we can put it on the floor. In 78 days, if republicans are able to take the majority, we will put the agenda on the floor.”

But as the midterm election gets closer, one issue has divided his own party. “I think elections… we had them. It passed, we went through. Joe Biden is the president,” McCarthy said.

When asked about half of the republican party that does believe the election was stolen, he responded, “That’s a debate people want to continue to have. What I really want to have is what the parents have been talking about.. why does it cost so much every day you go to the grocery store?”

Yvette Herrell is facing democrat Gabriel Vasquez in New Mexico’s Congressional District Two race:

“Republicans know they’re in trouble and they’re calling in the cavalry to help Yvette Herrell. But New Mexicans know better. Kevin McCarthy airdropping into our state won’t hide Herrell’s toxic and ineffective agenda. Both he and Herrell opposed the Inflation Reduction Act. They opposed lowering prescription drug costs and health care premiums. They opposed creating good paying jobs in manufacturing, providing healthcare for veterans and now they’re both pushing a nationwide abortion ban. Kevin McCarthy and Yvette Herrell are the last thing New Mexico needs.”

Gabe Vasquez, Congressional District Two candidate

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