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Video shows UFOs caught on camera over Charlotte, North Carolina | Weird | news

The video “UFO/s over La Meridian Hotel in Charlotte NC,” shows many small bright lights flickering above the hotel in North Carolina, USA, and even appearing to form a triangular formation at one point.

C Hulbert, who filmed it on his mobile phone and uploaded it, has no idea what he has captured but believes it could be connected to aliens.

He can be heard discussing what is happening with another man in the video, viewed more than 250,000 times.

He said: “I’ve never seen anything like that.

“Whatever they are, they’re moving around like fireflies but they’re really high up in the air.”

His companion said: “At first I was thinking they were flares, like off a chopper, like a stray flare, but they’re moving very strangely.”

In a comment about the video, Mr Hulbert said: “Thanks for the comments folks. Always believed in this stuff, just never thought I would have an encounter.

“It was definitely awesome and a little freaky at the same time.

“Hopefully I’ve given you guys something solid to look at and possibly answer questions, even though I had no idea WTF I was looking at.

“Craziness. I just hope they are friendly……but then again.”

The video is of poor quality, and some skeptics have said it could have been due to the Orionid meteor showers and high cloud coverage, both of which happened at the time of the recording.

Meteor showers and dense clouds have been known to create strange optical effects.

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