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Where mayoral candidates stand on gun laws, transparency on crime

The mayoral candidates Tim Keller, Manuel Gonzales and Eddy Aragon on the topics:

What would your administration do about the court-approved settlement agreement?

Basement, cellar: Only a judge can end or change the DOJ’s oversight.

“The expectations of CASA were never properly set when the previous government came in, and they should have been. The public and the department have been misled into thinking that this is somehow a short term process to get out of. … If you look at the DOJ’s approval decrees across the country, they’re all 10, 20, 30, 40 years old. We need the federal government to work with us on our community’s concerns about the process and to support our need to both fight crime and work on meaningful reforms. Also, some reforms and improvements should always continue, regardless of whether the DOJ is here or not. “

Gonzales: Get out of the reform effort by adhering to the settlement agreement and finding a sensible approach to policy implementation.

“You have to be honest with these people and say, ‘This happened; we will hold these people accountable. ‘ And I think the DOJ is looking for truthfulness and all the other things that come – to say that you hold people accountable. I think that’s what matters. “

Aragon: The city has to adhere to the settlement agreement. “I inherit that. This is something I have to deal with, and the only way I can do that is by picking up the phone, developing a relationship, and saying, ‘This is unreasonable; that’s a little too much. ‘ ”

Should people be arrested for crimes?

Basement, cellar: Given the settlement agreement with McClendon (which preceded my tenure), officers are now prohibited from arresting many more people on charges of minor offenses.

“Sometimes it will of course help. But you also have to give people the help they need, such as in situations of mental illness and addiction. Because of this, the Albuquerque Township’s new Security Department is … a much better way to address this than fighting with the judge or creating escalation situations. “

How can a mayor fight crime?

Experts comment on top issues that arise in the race for the mayor …

Gonzales: It should be an option.

“I will allow law enforcement to make these decisions: whether to quote themselves and whether to arrest. But to bluntly tell them you can’t arrest them is to remove the most powerful tool you have in your pocket regarding a law enforcement officer – and that is discretion. You have to have this discretion to make that decision. “

Aragon: People should be arrested for offenses.

“To follow the increase in crime over time. If you don’t arrest them for the little things, you won’t arrest them for the big things. … We need to know better who our criminals are. “

Should Albuquerque be an immigrant-friendly city?

Basement, cellar: Supports immigration-friendly policies.

“I have been campaigning for the immigrant-friendly, immigrant-friendly status of our city in public offices for 14 years … so my attitude has not changed at all. It is essentially based on the fact that communities are safer when people from all walks of life can interact with the police and other first responders without fear of family deportation. “

Gonzales: Does not support immigration-friendly policies.

“I would get rid of the Sanctuary City Policy … if it’s something that is regulation-based, then we must work with the city council. And / or we talk to the boss and you tell him: ‘You will adhere to it, because this is constitutionally binding and we will not undermine the constitution.’ ”

Aragon: Does not support immigration-friendly policies.

“Let’s be clear – we’re not saying illegal immigrants coming here make a more dangerous city. We talk about how they get here, (that) is the danger for them and for the community. I mean, they’re donkeys, they come in with drugs … a lot of stuff comes with that $ 10,000 bill, that’s the bill they have to pay. “

What gun laws do you think make the community safer?

Basement, cellar: Accountability for children’s access to guns, expanding gun violence in laws, closing loopholes, and including guns in pre-trial detention and judgments.

“We understand that and have been very supportive and have implemented many diversion and alternative court programs. But if you are committing a violent crime with a gun, you shouldn’t be on the street with a firearm. You have to go through the criminal justice system. “

Gonzales: Increased penalties for using a firearm in a crime, more severe penalties.

“Make laws for violent people. Then when you need to hold them accountable, provide them with the condemnation that will correct that behavior or change their lives. “

Aragon: None.

“I think there shouldn’t be gun laws.”

How transparent should APD be to the media and the public regarding crime?

Basement, cellar: “We are fully in favor and have always tried to keep the media and the public informed of murders and critical incidents as long as it is physically possible and does not interfere with ongoing investigations.”

Gonzales: I would expect them to give you as much information as possible and be professional in doing so. That’s how I would imagine the relationship. “

Aragon: “We should make a commitment to be absolutely transparent about every crime out there.”

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