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Woman tries winning affection from ‘beard obsessed’ cat by wearing a fake one | trending

Pet parents are always ready to shower their kitty babies with lots of love. The balls of fur, however, are often not very quick to show their affection. That, however, doesn’t deter the humans to try various tricks, including some hilarious ones, to win the love of their fur babies. Just like this woman who wore a fake beard to get attention from her cat that loves facial hair.

The video shared on Instagram shows a cat named Roswel. Posted with the caption that reads, “Typical cat mom behavior in our house,” the video is laughter-inducing.

The video opens to show a man holding a cat. In the video, the cute kitty brushes its face against the man’s beard. In the next scene, a woman appears and puts on a fake beard while sitting next to the cat. Text insert on the screen also explains why. “Day number 2,466 of trying to win affection from my beard obsessed cat,” it reads.

The hilarious clip captures the different ways the woman tries to attract the cat’s attention while wearing the fake beard but all her efforts fail. The cat doesn’t even bother looking at her and at one point nonchalantly walks over the woman to get away from her.

Take a look at the video that may end up tickling your funny bone:

The video has been shared a day ago. Since being posted, the clip has accumulated nearly 7,200 likes and counting. The post has also received several comments.

“The way you have to lay there to get Roswel’s attention,” shared an Instagram user. “My lady, I’m not interested, can’t you see?!?’: Roswell probably,” joked another. “Roswell is like, ‘if you don’t get out of my face right now’,” commented a third. “Every effort is worth it,” posted a fourth. “Your head through the cat door ahahahahah I love you guys!” wrote a fifth.

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