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Albuquerque teens arrested in connection with 2021 murder

Homicide investigators said Dukes used social media to lure a man into meeting her in the early hours of February 11 so that 17-year-old Adrian Avila and another suspect could rob the man. The suspects dragged the victim out of his car and demanded cash, jewelry and a gun. They held the man at gunpoint and went to his apartment – where they ordered him to call his brother and have him take the money and a gun outside or they would shoot and kill him.

When they arrived at the man’s home in southwest Albuquerque, the victim’s brother, later identified as Elias Otero, came outside and threatened to shoot the suspects. Police said Avila eventually opened fire, killing Otero in the open street.

The teenage suspects fled the scene on foot.

Otero’s mother, Alicia Otero, has been demanding justice ever since the murder.

“Every day we wish we could get justice and someone to pay for what they did to him and know that they finally turned themselves in – it feels good that it won’t go unsolved,” she said.

She said she wants to see each victim’s case unfold like her son’s.

“I am confident that justice will be served.”

Avila surrendered to the police at the end of December.

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