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Collapsed carport death in connection with film and television industry production

On Friday, Albuquerque police said that someone was killed on Wednesday by an overhang that collapsed when a truck pulled back into a carport in or near an apartment complex on Cardenas, not far from Gibson and San Pedro.

The producers of the production declined an interview request, but informed KOB 4 that the deceased had nothing to do with the production and that the incident happened after the crew finished filming.

“After the film finished filming, a truck that was being driven by a union driver crashed into an overhang that fell on bystanders,” said a producer.

KOB 4 received information that the production is called “Pearblossom Highway” or “Pure Blossom Highway”. The manufacturers did not confirm either, and KOB 4 could not find any information about the production. Nothing with a similar name is listed on the New Mexico Film Office website.

By Friday evening, the film office and the local trade unions had not contacted KOB 4 with their requests for comments and interviews.

Another tragedy related to a production of the New Mexico film and television industry, after the fatal shooting on the set of the film Rust in Santa Fe, when actor Alec Baldwin held the gun that carried the film’s camerawoman, Halyna Hutchins, killed, in October.

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