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Corporation claims Eddy Aragon violated federal and state campaign laws

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – A new battle is brewing in the race for Albuquerque’s next mayor. A campaign group alleged that a candidate was violating state and state laws. Republican mayoral candidate Eddy Aragon is on the radio every day on the AM radio station he owns in Albuquerque. His opponents say that’s a problem.

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Karen Montoya chairs a political action committee for candidate for mayoral Manny Gonzales. Your group has just filed a complaint with the town clerk’s office that Aragon has not yet disclosed the value of the airtime it is donating in kind to its campaign. “Using his radio station to promote his campaign, which by law is a contribution in kind and should be reported,” said Montoya.

Montoya says Aragon is also violating FCC rules for candidates at the same time. “He would have to give the other candidates the same time as he did on his radio station,” said Montoya.

“And every single day on my ward I say, ‘Hey Tim, Manny, you can come with me.’ In fact, Manny was in my ward with no charge whatsoever,” said Aragon.

According to Aragon, this invitation meets the legal requirement of the same time, but his attorney’s own instructions in a letter are more precise. Aragon insists that his airtime is not a donation in kind to his campaign. “It is not a contribution in kind, I do not have to report it as a contribution in kind because I offer it for free,” said Aragon.

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The Gonzales campaign partially commented on the complaint by saying:

“Eddie Aragon is clearly violating FCC regulations and local electoral law. He’s never got in touch with us and inviting opposing candidates as his guests is a shame and nowhere near the equal treatment requirements of FCC law. “

The cellar campaign did not want to comment on the allegations.

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