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Lack of after-hour emergency animal clinics in Santa Fe raises concern

SANTA FE, NM (KRQE) – The only overnight emergency animal center in the Santa Fe area has been closed for months. Local vets are concerned about people’s pets and say their next aid is in Albuquerque.

Brent Parker has been a Santa Fe veterinarian for over 30 years. Like many companies, COVID also has an impact on veterinary clinics, especially staffing levels. “Veterinarians, technical staff, and receptionists alike,” said Parker. But his biggest concern is the lack of overnight veterinary services in the area.

“The Santa Fe emergency veterinary clinic has been closed for about a year and a half,” said Parker. We were told it was the only pet emergency clinic in Santa Fe. Signs on the windows didn’t explain why they closed their doors, but vets believe it was due to staffing issues.

With the clinic closed, people have to drive to Albuquerque an hour. “And of course if you have a dog that has been hit by a car or hurt something, or a cat that is really in bad shape, you know it won’t necessarily survive a trip to Albuquerque in a car,” said Parker. “The residents of Santa Fe Counties, Los Alamos Counties, and Española have no night or emergency services available and that is nearly 200,000 people. So the poor relief workers in Albuquerque are being bombed from everywhere. “

Parker said he knew people who had to take their pets to the subway. He hopes a nearby emergency room will soon be back on stream outside of business hours. “Something really needs to be done and addressed,” said Parker.

News 13 reached out to the company that owns the Santa Fe closed emergency veterinary clinic, but received no response.

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