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Las Cruces Utilities employees at this year’s Wings n Wheels Fest

With eyes on both the planes and the impending rains, Las Cruces Utilities was on site at the Wings n Wheels event on Saturday, October 25, to talk to visitors about things closer to the ground lie, how to save water and career opportunities.

On Saturday alone, according to organizer Brett Hahn, around 2,900 visitors visited, some of whom came by to take a look at the stands and trucks of the LCU.

An LCU garbage truck was open for children to get in, check the cameras around the truck, and learn to be careful when they see them in their neighborhood. The second truck, the Vactor – a huge, powerful vacuum cleaner on wheels – demonstrated LCU crews vacuuming clogs from large urban sewer pipes.

The third truck, the NO-DES (Neutral Output-Discharge Elimination System), was shown as one of the newest additions to the fleet. The truck is used to tie up between two hydrants and flush out sediments instead of flushing the water onto the street.

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At the booths, visitors could learn about water saving, such as when it is best to water their garden and how a reusable water bottle can help keep hydration and the environment. In addition, the pups from the event were able to drop by the PAWS for a refresh station for a drink.

LCU customers could also learn more about UtilityHawk, a new way for customers to manage water and natural gas usage that can even detect water leaks. At the other booth, LCU personnel specialist Diamond Medina provided information about the LCU internship program and current employment opportunities.

From wings and wheels to water and rubbish, the Las Cruces Utilities staff spoke to visitors at the second Wings n Wheels festival about water saving and job opportunities.

“We would like to help interested parties to find out more about the career opportunities available at the LCU and to apply online,” said Medina.

In addition to employment opportunities, the LCU internship program is aimed at incoming or current full-time students seeking an associate degree in water technology at New Mexico State University’s Doña Ana Community College. The LCU internship pays for tuition fees and other reasonable training-related expenses, including a monthly grant and paid on-the-job training to support education and living expenses, in exchange for up to 20 hours of work per week during the semester and 40 hours per week maximum during academic breaks.

Medina and other LCU staff will also be attending the Las Cruces Home Builders Association 2021 Build My Future event, held on Wednesday, October 6th, 9 am-2pm at 2345 & 2355 E. Nevada Avenue. The event has partnered with Las Cruces Public Schools to offer local high school students a day of working in the construction industry through an interactive storefront.

The LCU Customer Central can be reached Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at 575-541-2111. LCU provides clean, safe, and reliable services to Las Cruces residents and businesses. Learn more at: las-cruces.org/180/Utilities In an emergency, call Dispatch at 526-0500.

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