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Online, September 13: “Mayor hopefuls talk about problems”

Weigh the options

I am dismayed by Mayor Alan Webber’s defamation of the Obelisk incident. Complaints from all sides are to be expected; a problem of this magnitude would be highly unlikely to be addressed without alienating some or all of the parties involved; however, of paramount importance was the fact that there were no injuries or loss of life. Can we as a community commit ourselves to cultivating the “public grief, forgiveness, and healing” that truth and reconciliation require? If not, what is the alternative? Most of us have important relationships across races; It is in our interest to promote understanding. Mayor Webber has navigated the Obelisk and COVID in addition to pre-existing challenges and wants to keep his seat. this shows a willingness to serve that could be of great benefit.

The best choice for the mayor would be a clear environmental leader. In the absence of such a candidate, the best alternative might be an experienced one. No matter who holds office, we, the voters, need to put pressure on them to respond urgently to the climate emergency – our lives and livelihoods depend on it, especially when federal agencies sell to polluter interests.

Nodiah Brent, Santa Fe

Cover picture, September 29: “Santa Fe Unidos”

Define successfully

Great article extolling the virtues of football and suggesting it should have its own separate stadium – paid for by taxpayers, of course. It is wrong to describe a team as successful if they cannot build their own stadium with the proceeds. That’s not how exercise is done, you say? Recall the view of Territory Governor Lew Wallace: “Any calculation based on our experience elsewhere will fail in New Mexico.” We already have stadiums. Sport can share. That will be a good lesson for the children, and we could use the savings for our schools.

Nurse Hogan, Albuquerque

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