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Outstanding November Staff – Albuquerque Public Schools

Sent: November 10, 2021

Outstanding staff in November

November award winners include an NM DASH coordinator, middle school secretary, elementary school advisor, and middle school educational assistant.

If you’re employed in Albuquerque public schools, you know two things:

  • APS is the city’s largest employer and
  • We have some of the most dedicated professionals on our team.

Now is the time to give these fourth year employees the recognition they deserve.

APS has around 12,000 employees, including teachers, principals, consultants, nurses, IT technicians, bus drivers, educational assistants, caretakers, canteen workers, secretaries, trainers and many more. We have amazing professionals in our ranks who deserve a little attention, gratitude, and star treatment.

Congratulations to this month’s award winners:

  • Dana Ball, NM DASH coordinator

  • Gloria Larios, Washington Middle School secretary

  • Kim McClintic, counselor at Osuna Elementary School

  • Zanette Powdrell, educational assistant at Taylor Middle School

The honorees will be featured on APS electronic billboards across town and will have the opportunity to have lunch with Superintendent Elder or his representative. You will also be recognized by the APS Board of Education and will be a lasting memory of the honor.

Find out more about the November nominees

Dana Ball, NM DASH coordinator

Dana is a very dedicated employee and it shows in everything she does. Dana goes the extra mile to ensure she provides quality customer service and support to schools. She brings friendliness and positivity to work every day.

“Dana is one of those people who loves helping others,” said Kathy Gall, director of Accountability Support. “Regardless of whether she supports schools, her team or our department, Dana is always there to step in when help is needed.”

Gloria Larios, Washington Middle School secretary

What sets Gloria apart from others is her knowledge of her profession. She covers all aspects of the front office for her school: registration, de-registration, disciplinary action, cumulative files. She does everything! Gloria wholeheartedly believes we are here to serve and she shows it. She gives her school an environment with a positive first impression. She is definitely a team player. It is considered the backbone of the school.

“Gloria is of great value not just to her school but to APS in general,” said Carla Williams-Beard, Albuquerque’s senior secretary. “She really represents the district so professionally that I think the people in the community and at her school feel they have been recognized, helped and had an overall positive experience.”

Kim McClintic, counselor at Osuna Elementary School

Kim is exceptional at her job and is an integral part of the school
Team for five years. She is loved by students and is always ready and
ready to step in to help anyone with anything. In addition to all of their regulars
Tasks, this year she also stepped in to help with behavioral redirection
as the school is waiting for this position to be filled.

“We, like many schools, experience an influx of behavior as our students prepare for a full return to school. Ms. McClintic is very busy with all of these tasks providing help where it is needed, “said Molly Covington, a nurse in Osuna.

Kim is also an integral part of the District Stress Management and Recovery Team (DSMaRT) which responds to almost every DSMaRT call and guides many responses.

“Kim is committed to the well-being of our students and employees and is a valuable addition to our district,” said Covington.

Zanette Powdrell, educational assistant at Taylor Middle School

Zanette is at the heart of the District SES 2 program at Taylor Middle School. She is the leading EA demonstrating the qualities of a true leader. She is at work every day and gives everything for each of our students.

“I learned so much from Z,” said Jeremy Presser, SES 2 teacher. “Her knowledge of behavior and behavior management and her willingness and eagerness to continue learning show that she is an amazing addition to our program.”

Zanette has such strong skills that she helps teachers plan and coordinate behavior management such as organizing and setting up the classroom. Her knowledge of behavior and behavior management enables her to be the best associate, associate and friend in a very difficult but successful SES 2 program at Taylor Middle School.

How to nominate an employee

You can nominate an employee by completing an online application. The nomination must be filled in by someone other than the nominee (ie no self-nominations can be considered).

The winners are selected monthly by a Peer Praise Task Force.

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