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Restaurant inspections in Albuquerque on November 22, 2021

These are summaries of Albuquerque Environmental Health’s restaurant inspections.

For more information or to view a searchable database of restaurant inspections in cities, visit www.cabq.gov/environmentalhealth/food-safety/restaurant-inspection-results.


GREEN: No violations or minor violations corrected on site.

YELLOW: Some violations that may or may not have been corrected on site; some corrective action required, but no downgrade or closure required.

RED: Serious violations that presented an imminent threat and required immediate downgrade or closure.

DOWNGRADE: The restaurant doesn’t have to close immediately, but the public should only dine there at their own risk.

CLOSURE: Immediate closure. A corrective action plan with a mandatory compliance schedule and reopening inspection is required.


Monroe’s, 6051 Osuna NE (November 12)

Sandia Prep School, 532 Osuna NE (November 12)

Botanical Bar, 1909 Bellamah NW (November 12)

Catopia Cat Cafe, 8001 Wyoming NE (November 12th) – prepackaged

Arroyo del Oso Golf Course, 7001 Osuna NE (November 12th)

50/50 Coffee House & Pub, 2122 Central SE (November 12)

GoodFellas Pizzeria, 5844 Osuna NW (November 12)

Weck’s, 3913 Louisiana NE (November 12)

McDonald’s, 8001 Harper NE (November 11th)

Full of Heart Cafe, 7610 Jefferson NE (Nov. 11) – Mobile Packed

Walgreens, 8011 Harper NE (Nov. 11) – prepackaged

Circle K, 8101 Harper NE (November 11th) – Self-service and prepackaged

Starbucks Coffee, 5730 McMahon NW (November 10)

Twin Peaks Restaurant, 4441 The 25 Way NE (November 10th)

CVS Apotheke, 10700 Unser NW (November 10th) – pre-packed

Cheddar’s Casual Cafe, 4865 Pan American Fwy (November 10th) – Food Processor

Taco Bell, 10600 Our NW (Nov. 10)

Circle K, 10801 Unser NW (November 10th) – self-service and prepackaged

Bubba’s 33, 4861 Pan More American NE (November 10)

Fuego Nutrition, 3900 Central SW (November 10th)

ChocGlitz & Cream, 10660 Unser NW (Nov. 10)

Por Vida Cafe, 500 4th St SW (November 10th)

Mexpride, 9601 Sage SW (November 10th) – Camp

Lodge # 461 BPOE, 2430 Center SE (November 10)

Ice Cream Parlor La Katrina, 521 Central NW (November 10)

Circle K, 2019 Carlisle NE (November 10th) – Self-service and pre-packaged

Wyoming Readiness Center, 600 Wyoming NE (Nov. 10)

Sushi Mex, 4011 Central NW (November 10th) – mobile food unit

Mountain View Manor, 4708 Driftwood NW (November 9)

Hilton Garden Inn & Homewood Suites, 222 Central SE (November 9)

Genghis Grill, 4410 The 25 Way NE (November 9th)

Red Velvet Underground, 3503 Central NE (November 9)

Panera Bread, 4300 S The 25 Way NE (November 9th)

La Petite Academy, 4100 New Vistas NW (November 9)

Mountain View Academy West, 4100 New Vistas NW (November 9)

Mimi’s Cafe, 4316 The 25 Way NE (November 9th)

The Library Bar and Grill, 312 Central SW (November 9)

Applebee’s, 6200 Coors NW (November 9th)

Eastern Child Development Center, 5100 Eastern SE (November 8)

Albuquerque School of Excellence, 13201 Lomas NE (November 8)

Chipotle Mexican Grill, 8120 San Pedro NE (November 8th)

Five Guys Burgers and Fries, 6650 Holly NE (November 8)

Love and Care Child Development Center, 8302 Zuni SE (November 8)

Slapfish Albuquerque, 6400 Holly NE (November 8)

Jersey Mike’s, 6400 Holly NE (November 8th)

Chick Fil A, 8110 San Pedro NE (November 8th)

Springhill Suites Albuquerque, 1101 Central NE (November 8th) – Self-service and pre-packaged

Maverik Country Store, 9701 Bluewater NW (Nov 8th) – prepackaged

Teacher Training Academy, 5827 4th St NW (November 8)

Sharky’s Express, 5420 Central SW (November 8th) – mobile catering unit


Carniceria Cuahtemoc, 9601 Sage SW (November 8th) – Meat Market

Immediate closure.

Observed several types of meat in the walk-in freezer and cooler that were left uncovered and unprotected. Observed food stored in the walk-in cooler on the floor. Observed raw meat stored upstairs produces items like coriander. Observed eggs that were stored in the walk-in cooler on the floor. Observed scales with debris. Observed range in cooler doors in which meat with accumulations of food residues is displayed. Observed large ice machine with mold-like substance. Do not observe any quat or chlorine disinfectant. Observed warm foods like charro beans at 106 degrees Fahrenheit and rice at 76 degrees Fahrenheit. The observed responsible person (picture) could not answer the inspector’s inquiries at the time of the inspection, and also observed several priority and priority violations. The observed responsible person is not ANSI certified and has failed to demonstrate a basic knowledge of food safety by receiving multiple priority and priority violations that resulted in the facility being downgraded at the time of the inspection. Watched foods like hot dogs, chorizo, and sour cream in the display cooler cannot reach 41 degrees Fahrenheit or less. Observed that the facility did not use food labels or date points. Observed chemicals like Windex kept next to food utensils and above the prep table. Observed range in the cooler with the door closed with a piece of board. Observed raw chicken stored in standing water in a 3-compartment sink. No multi-range ambient air thermometers observed in fridges and freezers. No evidence of licensed pest control services found. Observed range in refrigerators that are used to present meat with heavy ice build-up. Observed significant amount of leftover food in range of the display in coolers. Observed knives stored on a drying rack with excessive debris. Observed several types of meat stored on cardboard in the walk-in freezer and in the walk-in cooler. Observed range in the cooler in the kitchen area with rust and dirt deposits. Observed reach in seals throughout the facility with cracks. Observed runoff with mold-like substance and debris. Observed lack of drain cover under the three compartment sink. Observed facility that requires cleaning of the floors in the walk-in cooler and in the walk-in freezer. Hood vents with excessive amounts of grease residue observed. Observed purse and mask stored over utensils and chilli on a food contact rack. Observed employee touching the trash can and moving around without washing their hands.

Food was found to be spoiled and there was no production or use data for food in the facility at the time of inspection. A significant amount of debris was also found in the facility at the time of the inspection. The facility is closed and cleaning is complete until the correct date.

Follow-up inspection passed on November 9th.

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