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Roswell man arrested after fatal crash in NE Albuquerque – Albuquerque city

Sun. November 21, 2021

ALBUQUERQUE – Albuquerque Police have found 19-year-old Casino Salazar in a fatal accident Saturday night on Montgomery Blvd and Morris St. NE. arrested and charged with homicide

Salazar was driving high-speed west on Montgomery around 7:00 p.m. when his vehicle, a Chevrolet SUV, crashed into a silver GMC turning north on Morris St. NE. The GMC driver was killed in the accident.

Salazar and four occupants of the SUV were taken to a local hospital for treatment for their injuries. Witnesses identified Salazar as a driver and said he was drunk. The officers found several containers with alcohol, firearms and cannabis in the off-road vehicle.

The officers said they noticed that Salazar had bloodshot, watery eyes and his speech was blurred when speaking to officers at the hospital. The officers also noticed the smell of alcohol that came from his breath. Salazar denied driving the vehicle, drinking alcohol or using drugs. He declined a field sobriety test.

Salazar was booked into the Metro Detention Center overnight. He is charged with vehicle killing (DWI), open container and negligent use of a firearm.

According to court records, Salazar was arrested last Tuesday, November 16, after a similar incident in Roswell. Police said Salazar was traveling at high speed, which resulted in a car accident. Salazar fled the scene on foot but was arrested after being persecuted. He has been charged with several crimes, including DWI, resisting, evading, or obstructing an officer. Police found more than $ 4,300 in cash on Salazar and several firearms.

Salazar was released from prison on several conditions, including no firearms, no possessing or consuming alcohol, buying, selling, consuming or possessing illegal drugs, staying in Chaves County, or driving a motor vehicle while the case is pending .

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