Ledes from the Land of Enchantment

The Albuquerque duo hope to bring poetry to everyone with a new literary magazine

In poetry, every word matters and has its own weight.

For Jasen Christensen and Robert Grant, poetry is a way to escape, expand the mind, and simply enjoy.

It is for this reason that the people of Albuquerque started the poetry magazine Abandoned Mine.

“… Most people’s lives would be enormously enriched if they read more poetry. Poetry can challenge us to live out our ideals better and inspire us to passionately pursue our dreams, ”says the couple. “Poetry can invite us to empathize with others. Poetry can help us laugh and cry. Poetry can make us feel like we’re not alone. “

Albuquerque residents Jasen Christensen and Robert Grant have teamed up to create the poetry magazine Abandoned Mine. (Courtesy Abandoned Mine)

Christensen and Grant are currently accepting submissions for the inaugural edition of Abandoned Mine, due to be released in February 2022. Information can be found at abandonedmine.org. The closing date for the first quarter is January 15th.

Christensen says he wanted to start the Poetry Diary because he felt that many of the magazines he read were inaccessible and difficult to find.

“For years, Rob and I have enjoyed sharing poems that more easily reflect or inspire our own lives – poems that we found ironic, funny, beautiful, or comforting,” says Christensen. “We want Abandoned Mine to be a platform for poets who want to share this type of work with people who may not have a lot of experience with poetry.”

Grant wants the magazine “to be a part of helping more people experience this wealth”.

After nearly two decades, the work of William Stafford drew him back to poetry.

“My familiarity with Stafford was limited to the handful of his poems that were in my poetry collections at college – poems that somehow manage to be instantly accessible while being so profound and understanding of the human condition that they justify it. “and reward repeated reading,” writes Grant. “At the Friends of William Stafford booth (October 2013) I was introduced to several more of his poems. And a week later, supposedly from my daughter, I got a book full of it: “As it is: New and Selected Poems”.

I had problems putting it down. “

The submissions have arrived – enough to keep Christensen and Grant busy.

Grant says the process is going smoothly.

“Probably the biggest challenge is taking the time to read all of the submissions – and responding promptly to what we are committed to,” says Grant. “Poems poured into our mailboxes from all over the country – including many from here in New Mexico.”

Christensen repeats the feeling by saying, “Find the time to focus on the project”.

The co-founders hope that an annual print anthology will become an integral part of the poetry readership.

“(We hope) to enrich our readers’ lives by sharing accessible poetry,” says Christensen.

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