Ledes from the Land of Enchantment

What is Albuquerque doing about homelessness?

“It’s like an explosion the size of the homeless camp in the park at this intersection. I saw maybe 25+ people with multiple tents this morning.”

Then a local downtown business owner sent this message:

“The city officials bring them bottles of water so that we can clean them up later. We didn’t put up trespassing signs and they camp right under those signs and anyway [APD does] nothing.”

KOB 4 has asked the mayor’s office what they are doing in the meantime while the city is waiting for the gateway center to open. They said we should contact the Department of Solid Waste because they are taking care of these warehouses. But when KOB 4 contacted the waste department, they said that was not entirely true.

Although they did not give an interview, they made this statement:

“The waste management department cleans warehouses across town every day. Family and Community Services, Albuquerque Community Safety and the Waste Management Departments are working together to provide services to people affected by homelessness before they tell them they need to move. “

Meanwhile, the city said you can only call 311 regarding camps.

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