Ledes from the Land of Enchantment

Albuquerque Club features history of coins

[1] Video shows aftermath of fatal crash in July – Albuquerque police say they are still awaiting critical toxicological results before charging a man with a fatal crash that killed two people. In late July, Robert and Bonnie Hartwig’s SUV was hit near Lomas and Louisiana, killing both of them. The truck of 35-year-old Omar Martinez, who is being investigated for the accident, exploded. Martinez survived, and although he was not charged, police witnesses said Martinez “blew Lomas off”, ran over a red light and T-bones the Hartwig’s SUV. Court records show Martinez has two previous DWI convictions.

[2] The Department of Justice’s oversight of the APD’s surveillance of the use of force could change – The way the Department of Justice oversees the Albuquerque Police Department could change this was following an important announcement from the U.S. Attorney General. The city police and even the police union agree that the Albuquerque police force has been under the scrutiny of the judiciary for years after the federal government identified a pattern of excessive violence. The US attorney general announced some changes, including fixed runtimes for monitors that can only be extended after evaluating their performance and cost-effectiveness. The attorney general also wants monitors to end all future settlements without a high price tag.

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